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How to begin Affiliate Marketing and earn $155.34/Day Starting in 24 hours 0

A while ago I started a YouTube channel with the aim of helping newbies make their first online income. This was because I noticed that the most difficult stage for most people looking to make some money online is when they try to make their first dollar. I always recommend affiliate marketing simply because it is the simplest form of making money. That is just my opinion anyway, I stand to be corrected. I think nothing can be more simple if you don’t even have to create your own product. Just find a good product and recommend to people who might be interested in that kind of product. Find a way of doing a good job at that and you are well on your way to success. You can quote me on that!

So What is the Problem, Why Am I not…

It took me several months before I could make a dime online. I kept asking myself, what is the problem with me? Other people are making a lot of money doing affiliate marketing. Why am I not earning the same kind of money despite all my efforts? Ohhhh, I think I’m going to just quit and wrap up all this bull shit!

It wasn’t just that I was not making money. I was actually loosing money! I had already paid for my website hosting and domain name. I was paying monthly fees to aweber where I send emails to the few email subscribers I had. That was $19 per month. I needed landing pages where I send my visitors so they put in their email addresses before they are redirected to the product I am promoting. Clickfunnels would have been the perfect tool to create landing pages but I discovered I had to pay up to $97 per month after a 14 day trial period. Why should I even bother? How much is my 9 -5 job paying me per month?

But wait bro, What is a Funnel?

Lol. You see newbies can be very funny. I get a lot of questions daily from newbies, like, what is a funnel. Ok. A funnel is a set of pages that your visitors go through to reach your sales page where they buy your product or the product you are promoting. So your landing page is just a one page funnel. Hope you understand?

Affiliate Marketing tools and why some People do not make money

Think about having to pay those monthly fees up to $100 per month when you are just starting out and not even sure of what you are doing yet. This is what kills so many newbie affiliate marketers! Many dreams are aborted before they even see the daylight and that is so sad. Many people remain on jobs they hate because they have not yet figured out a way of escape.

The fact that I love affiliate marketing so much made me stick around a little longer than the average person. I started coming across so tools that made the job easy for me to do. Now I could find so many products to promote from Clickbank. I could set up my landing pages for any of these products so people can put in their emails and get redirected to these products. This way, I get their emails and set up follow up emails to them so they can buy later even if they do not buy at first.

Today I use softwares such as Profiteagle to create unlimited affiliate funnels and promote any product I like.( Ranging from health and fitness products to personal development products to dating and even make money online products). I am able to create entire funnels with pages and hosting, build lists and email them without paying any monthly fee.

Right now I’m averaging about $150 per day consistently without having to pay Aweber to automate my emails or pay Clickfunnels so I can create my funnels. everything is in one place where I set up my pages, get people on my list, send them to affiliate offers and also put them on my list so I can email them from time to time.

I really love putting people through when It comes to affiliate marketing so feel free to contact me by sending me email on I will love to help.

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